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Welcome to USFL Football Cards!

In the mid-1960s, New Orleans’ business man David F. Dixon envisioned a professional football league that would complete during the “other season” of the spring and summer months. Using insights from the failure of two previous leagues, the American Football League and the World Football League, Dixon cautiously planned his creation based on television rights, media exposure, and judicious financial spending.

After years of preparation the United States Football League was formally announced on May 11,1982 at the 21 Club in New York City with grand expectations.

However, the excitement was temporary. The league faced difficulties from the beginning, with deserting owners, failed stadium plans, and relocating franchises. Team ownership blew threw cash which countered Dixon’s strategy of sound financial stewardship. The leagued limped through just three seasons before finally succumbing.

Though short-lived, the league made a large impact on professional football, and especially the National Football League. NFL Hall of Famers Steve Young, Jim Kelly, Gary Zimmerman, and Reggie White, all began their professional careers in the USFL, as well as Heisman Trophy winners Doug Flutie, Mike Rozier, and Herschel Walker. Hundreds of other players, and handfuls of coaches and front office executives, eventually made the jump to the NFL.

Today, we can relive all of these memories through an all new trading card set. USFL Series I features 70 cards from the inaugural 1983 season.

It can be purchased for $75.00 + shipping.